How does BitMixer2 work?

All of this may seem super complicated at first, so let’s get down to the meat and bone of it. BitMixer2 has a huge reserve of fresh Bitcoins already in its system. A user sends us their BTC and we cap it onto the end of our mixed chain. We then pay the amount of what was purchased from freshly mined, virgin bitcoins without any history.

In this way we are advanced to other bitcoin tumblers as the old BitMixer, Grams Helix and other Bitcoin tumblers as Bitblender do often leave traces of your transactions.

How it works? Your coins Mixed coins Mixed coins Our reserve

This method of mixing means that you do not have to wait for other customers – coins already mixed are instantly available.

Using BitMixer2 code

The problem with this is that the user’s coins may still be in our reserve. Meaning, there could be a possibility of the user receiving the same BTC s/he had originally had. This is why we created a generator referred to as “bitcode2.” that is uncrackable by governments, blockchain analysis companies and intelligence agencies and utilize always freshly mined coins only.

Using BitMixer2 code Your coins Mixed coins Mixed coins Your previous coins

Using the BitMixer2 code means that a user’s previous coins will not be used in further mixing operations. Our problem is solved – every user continues to remain anonymous and private by only receiving freshly mined bitcoins that have no history - unlike services as Bitblender, the old Bit-Mixer and Helix Grams who re-use dirty bitcoins constantly and allow for advanced blockchain tracing - to your disadvantage.