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“I believe that any violation of privacy is nothing good.” - Lech Walesa

Unlike Grams Helix, Bitblender and Coinmixer we specialize in secure, anonymous tumbling of high volumes of bitcoins. The Servers of BitMixer2 store zero data (not even website access logs). We always send you freshly mined virgin bitcoins back, which is why BitMixer2 only requires 1 forwarding address while still offering the best security in the industry.

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I'm not a criminal. Why should I mix my bitcoins?
Virtual currency is part of the here and now, but with it comes the need to “guard your wallet.” to get an uncompromisable level of anonymity and security. BitMixer2’s high volume bitcoin mixer keeps your identity safe by offering premium mixing service with the ability to handle even the largest bitcoin transactions.

Unlike the services of small bitcoin tumblers as Grams Helix, Bitblender and Coinmixer you always get a Letter of Guarantee on BitMixer2.us with that you can always monitor your current transactions - anonymous and safe.

BitMixer2.us uses only freshly mined bitcoins to tumble your coins.

Accept no compromises. Accept no imitations. We are the world’s #1 Bitcoin tumbler.

Use BitMixer2 if you still want to have access to your Bitcoins in ten years from now when they are worth $100.000 each, or even $1m each.

5% of all proceedings are used to support the fighters for freedom and privacy at EFF.org